My Workplace and tools

  1. Managing Director
    Nova 1624-44 Lathe
    My new lathe 16 inch turning capacity over the bed and 29 inch capacity outboard
  2. Managing Director
    Nova 1624-44 lathe
  3. Managing Director
    Sharpening station
    8 inch grinder with a Lee Valley aluminum oxide 120 grit wheel on the sharpening side. Regular carbide wheel on other side still to be replaced.
  4. Managing Director
    King Canada Bandsaw
    14 inch bandsaw with 3 speed 1hp motor. Installed the 6 inch riser block so I can cut a full 12 inches.
  5. Managing Director
    9 inch disk plus 6 x 48 in belt sander
    King Canada disk and belt sander.
  6. Managing Director
    spindle sander
    General Instrument spindle sander
  7. Managing Director
    drying kiln
    Shop built drying kiln, basically a wooden box lined with rigid foam insulation and equipped with a heater/blower unit.
  8. Managing Director
    Temp/humidity meter
    Dual measurements show temp and humidity in garage and in drying kiln. (Kiln not switched on when this photo taken.)
  9. Managing Director
    Neighbor cut down crab apple tree and donated the trunk.
  10. Managing Director
    More wood
    Trunk sections from a hard maple tree that died and was cut down 2015.